Flon Colonnades - Lausanne

18, July 2018

Final stretch for our project Flon Colonnades in Lausanne !This glass pavilion is designed to host the showroom of the American automotive company Tesla. The showcases are entirely glassed on their exhibition areas and feature curved glasses in the corners of the pavilion. Internal stiffeners, also made of glass rigidify these almost 5 metres high facades. The two side walls leading to the car park have fire protection features, as does the rear face of the roof. End of the installation : July 2018

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Crédit Suisse - glasses replacement

21, June 2018

The complete renovation of the 1,750m2 façade of Crédit Suisse's headquarters - Place Bel-Air in Geneva – has been finalized in 2015. Today we return to the scene - day and night - with our Maintenance Service team to replace 20 glasses damaged by an event. The operation is complicated.

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OS Planfayon

13, June 2018

Discover the façade of the public school of Planfayon in pictures. The first wings built in 1968 has been demolished and replaced by new buildings. The nature of the project consists of a renovation of the building and 2 new outbuildings. The total surface of the facades is 2'500 m2.

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University Hospital Basel

05, June 2018

Discover the facade of the University Hospital Basel in pictures. The nature of the project consists in an extension and a renovation of the building. The total surface of the facades is 3'570 m2.

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