Imperial College 2

02, May 2019

These days, we are installing the last units of the Imperial College’s façade in London ! Stay tuned to discover the project entirely finished !

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Imperial College

30, January 2019

Work in progress for the Imperial College project in London! The installation of the 12’000 m2 of façade is currently taking place around the balconies area. The end of the installation is scheduled for the end of April 2019!

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29, January 2019

The Lonza project in Visp is well progressing ! The installation of 17‘000 m2 of façade started end 2018 and will be finished in July 2019. At the moment, 40% has been installed, the Est side has been finalized last week.

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Lonza Mock-up

13, November 2018

Félix constructions presents on its headquarter site its 1:1 visual mock-ups for the Lonza project in Visp (VS). The installation of 823 components for a total of 17’500 m2 of facade will start soon and will end during summer 2019.

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