Court of Justice of the European Union Tower

With its 120 metres high, the 5th extension of the Court of Justice of the European Union is the tallest tower in Luxembourg. It rises above the others like a bell tower. Nature of the project: 30 floors + foundation + atrium on 3 levels + medium building. Façade type: Unitized Façade with compact double skin. The façades of the first "golden" building are composed of 120 cm vertical modules. The second black volume is characterized by 120 cm mirror fronts. The design of the façades meets demanding criteria for thermal and acoustic isolation and visual comfort and aims for the "excellent" level of BREEAM certification. Photovoltaic glass makes it possible to produce electricity from a part of the visible or non-visible spectrum of sunlight, for a maximum voltage of 1,000 V and a power of 60.5 W/ m2.

 Key figures of the project

- Site area: 10'000 m2

- Built surface: 50'000 m2

- Built volume : 192'000 m3

- Height: 120 m

- Facade area: 20'200 m2

Photos: ©Félix constructions

Main contractor: Luxembourg Ministry of Sustainable Development, Public Buildings Administration

Architects : Dominique Perrault, Paris (concept) and Jean Petit Arch. SA, Luxembourg (realization)